Announcing Upcoming Source Code Switch To Public On GitHub

The CarCake Library is soon to switch from a private to a public release on GitHub marking the start of its Open Source categorization.


The binaries have been publicly available on Nuget for over two years which have been used already, with successful results, in several critical projects.

Those interested can take part in future development with the library by any of the routes available on GitHub. Those wishing to contribute bug fixes, improvements and new features to the project can create pull requests.

Author Lloyd Franklin is eager to make this transition and recommends that those with interest in .NET Application and Service Development on the Windows Platform should consider what CarCake can do to improve their development process.

Until now, CarCake has been developed privately by Lloyd Franklin, its developer. CarCake’s funder and the copyright holder is LogicoSoft Limited, a company based in the UK directed by Lloyd Franklin.